Boat Storage in Idaho Falls, ID

Are you searching for an excellent place to store a boat with plenty of space to maneuver? We will always do our best to help store your vehicle and make sure that it is well kept until your return. When it comes to boat storage in the off-season, for example, there is an enduring debate between boaters as to which types of storage solutions are best. Should you use a dry dock to store your vessel? Maybe there’s something to be said about renting marina slip space. Or would you be better off just leaving it on a trailer in your backyard or garage? The best decision will vary depending on your location, how often you plan on getting out on the water, and other elements, but there are several things you can be sure of when using our boat storage spaces:
1. Our storage units are safe and enclosed with the protection of a locked gate. There is surveillance, too, and every unit is under the close monitoring of our cameras.
2. Not only are the units spacious, but they are also inside our fully fenced facility. We’re close to the Idaho Falls River Walk, making us a great boat parking option for those in the area.
3. We are kind and courteous. We always keep the area clean for our customers. If there is something we can do to make your boat storage experience better, we will do it.
You can find Grandview Storage at 1055 Foote Dr, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. Our convenient location allows us to serve boat owners from Ammon, Lincoln, Orvin, and many other surrounding communities. We’re right off Interstate 15 in Idaho Falls, so you are sure to have an easy time driving out to our property. Are you interested in renting a secure boat storage unit? Whether you prefer a drive-up unit or one of our many outdoor spots, feel free to reserve your space online. You can also get in touch with us via phone call between Monday and Saturday – our staff will inform you of all the requirements and the next steps.